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Bob Cranson

Bob is a lifelong fitness enthusiast & runner since 1992 with extensive experience in training and injury rehabilitation. Balance, strength and confidence all improve with better fitness. Everyday living improves with better fitness. I have been training people since the mid 1980's and have extensive experience in functional training, strength training and endurance training.

Functional training helps us do things we do every day: carrying groceries, up and down stairs, getting up and down from chairs, strolling through the museum and things we like to do. Training with these goals in mind can help make housework, shopping and light yardwork easier and less tiring.


Been away from exercise for a while? I can help ease you back into fitness with a refit plan, getting you out and walking or keeping up with the kids/grandkids and you'll have fun getting there.

Preparing for joint surgery? We can help you get as strong as possible to prepare for your new self and work with you after surgery to keep you strong and limber.


The accountability of having appointments can help you stay on track with your fitness program and having trainer guide you through that program can get the best results more quickly.

"Dance through life, fit & confident"

Please call or email for more information or an appointment.

Cell Phone: 520-403-1485



Member Pricing for

Half Hour Sessions

Guest Pricing for

Half Hour Sessions

Member Pricing for

One Hour Sessions

One 1/2 Hour Session - $44

Five 1/2 Hour Sessions - $204

Ten 1/2 Hour Sessions - 385

One 1 Hour Session - $66

Five 1 Hour Sessions - $313

Ten 1 Hour Sessions - $605

Guest Pricing for

One Hour Sessions

One 1 Hour Session - $85

Five 1 Hour Sessions - $400

One 1/2 Hour Session - $65

Five 1/2 Hour Sessions - $300

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